I like you, Bridget, just the way you are.

Dear Bridget,

I hope you don't mind if I write to you on the internet, but I just feel like we have so much in common. If I lived in England, where ever that is, I totally think we might be friends. I do so much stupid stuff too, not that I think you do all the time, but I have seen some of your more embarrassing moments on the 'telly'. I can't think of very many smart things to talk about either, and I can't cook at all. I BOMB at trying to make a speech, much less in public. If someone was talking to ME about Chechnya, I wouldn't know how to respond either - I really respect how you tried to at least study up about it before you went to that party.

I love how you made friends with the women in the Thai prison, even though you did have to lie about how your boyfriend beat you and made you use drugs so that they would be able to understand why you had to break up with him. (I know your reasons were justifiable, even though the Thai women wouldn't have been able to relate!)(We need our men to stand up and FIGHT for us!)

I hope you and Mr. Darcy are happily married now and settled in. He is very handsome - and I love how he loves you JUST the way you are. Does he ever get sick and grouchy and lie on the couch in the living room and want it to be quiet instead of just going into the bedroom to sleep?

Please email me sometime.

Love, your new friend, Stephanie

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