Well, I want to update you on the 3 Amigos - the direlects living in a lean-to in our yard. Mike says we aren't going to turn them in, but rather we're going to see if we can try to rehabilitate them so that one day they can hopefully function in society. He's the boss, so here's what we did yesterday. (We feel it was quite successful for a 1st day of rehab):

We got those boys dressed up in some wrestling clothes and took them to a local elementary school for a wrestling match. They even made some new friends!

After that, we took them to swimming lessons (the olympic-sized swimming pool was quite filthy after the boys' lesson - oops!). I think I'm growing a little attached to these hooligans! They were kind of cute and cleaned up real nice.

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Mindi said...

i once saw a shirt that said "rehab is for quitters"--love it!