Beauty Secrets

I really really love Clinique's All About Eyes. I love they way I can rub a little bit of that silky cream into my eyelids and under-eye area and a few minutes later, the puffiness and wrinkles are gone. Last time I was at Clinique, I was raving about it, (trying to work the magic to get free product samples), and happened to ask the Clinique girl what was in All About Eyes that made it so remarkable. She told me Caffeine. Okay, that makes sense. Its a diuretic and pulls the fluid out of my eyes. So, since I'm always about the experiment, I bought some No-Doze yesterday and crushed up one of those pills with 200 mg of Caffeine into my favorite Burt's Bees face cream. What's good for my eyes should be good for my whole face, right? Well, so far, no good. My face feels kind of sticky, still looks puffy, and has just a little layer of gritty No-Doz residue. Its also kind of red and irritated. Plus, some of it got into my eyes, and I think I may be going blind. So now you know: Go to Clinique and buy the real stuff.

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