Double Trouble

There are two sets of twins in my family. My mom is a fraternal twin with my aunt (Cheryl May and Caryl Kay), and then their older sister had identical twins, my cousins (Peggy Kay and Penny Gay). Although Mike and I don't have a genuine set of twins, we do have kind of a pseudo set of twins with Dianna and Maggie. We don't really know Dianna's exact age since they don't record births in Liberia like we do here. Dianna's birth certificate was filed in April, 2007 with her parents' names, and the birth date being the best it could be remembered. When we brought her home and took her to the dentist, he reported that she was older than the 4 years old her birth certificate said she was. We are trying to have her birthday changed which would make her 5 years old (9 months older than Maggie rather than 3 months younger). So here is a picture of 2 of the 3 generations of twins in our family! Aren't they super cute? I always wanted a pair of twins, and God has an amazing and surprising way of working things out in ways we never dreamed.

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