10 Beauty Tips for the Poor, Desperate Woman

1. Rub Vagisil on legs and underarms to numb before waxing or laser hair removal.

2. Want to fight aging and dry facial skin? 4 words: Budget Sized Nivea Cream. While your skin is still moist from washing, applying this rich skin cream to help trap the moisture in your skin and keep it in all night. It is the best-ever selling face cream used by women all over the world for decades.

3. To help tighten up pores, add about a teaspoon of vodka to your skin lotion or toner.

4. If you have blackheads, paint the affected area with Elmer’s Glue, let it dry and carefully peel off. The blackheads should come out stuck to the glue.

5. Apply Preparation H hemorrhoid cream before a big night out if you have forehead frown lines, loose upper arm skin, or other areas you want to tighten up. This will temporarily make skin look taut and smooth, including areas with cellulite.
6. For red, inflamed acne, cold sores, or bug bites, rub Visine and/or Preparation H onto spot - the Visine will reduce the redness, and the Preparation H will reduce the swelling.

7. Sleeping on your back will keep your pillow from smushing your facial skin that causes the lines that will eventually end up as permanent deep lines in your face.

8. Puffy red eyes and noses are not pretty. Stay beautiful by preventing allergies - take a spoonful of honey daily that is produced by bees in your geographical area, it will help you become immune to allergies of pollens since that honey is made directly from the pollens you’re affected by. Honey can also sooth and disinfect a sore throat, and ward off arthritis and joint problems.

9. Spread moist coffee grounds on your face and body for a natural looking tan. Leave on for about 20 minutes, then rinse. Tan should last for about 3 days. If you're not a coffee drinker, try adding the desired amount of straight Iodine to a bottle of baby oil and massaging it into your skin to get a suntan color.

10. For inexpensive leg waxing, heat corn syrup to 225 degrees, using a candy thermometer. Cut coffee filters into strips. When syrup cools to about 100 degrees, spread on skin using a dull butter knife, place strip on top, rub gently, and pull quickly from the bottom up.

Most of these tips were taken from Beauty and the Budget


Mindi said...

i'm on the prep. h and the home waxing treatment. YES!!

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

wow! now I have TWO reasons to buy vodka--I think I'll have that drink while I tighten my pores and wax my legs! :)