Helping Kids "Think Green"

There has been a real push lately in our community, and perhaps yours also, to "Think Green". And I'm not talking about becoming a Packer fan - although that definitely has some merit. Anyhow, I've made a list for our refrigerator to help our kids do their small part in our effort to save energy:

1. Recycle! All bottles, plastics, cardboard, and glass go IN the bag under the sink.

2. Stop fighting! And help conserve fuel! Every time you fight, mom and dad have to make another trip into town to buy stuff to help us cope with your fighting, which uses gasoline.

3. No Whining! And help conserve fuel! Every time you whine, mom and dad have to make another trip into town to buy stuff to help us cope with your whining, which uses gasoline.

4. Don't constantly ask for food! Not only does it use gas to drive into town to buy the food, but think of all the packaging that is being thrown in the garbage dump, the energy cost of packaging the food, and manufacturing the packaging.

5. Don't interrupt mom when she's on the computer! Can't you see I'm working hard to find out more information about helping our family protect the environment?

6. Don't talk when I'm talking! This goes for when I am talking to another kid, or talking on the phone. When I have to yell at you to shut up, that uses extra calories which means more food energy requirements, which means more trips into town to buy food, and more packaging thrown away, plus the energy cost of manufacturing, packaging, and transporting the food, and the food packaging.

7. Don't ask me to do something if you can see both of my hands are busy! The energy cost of growing extra hands is too enormous to consider, and would be disastrous for the environment.


Steph said...

ooh I don't have kids, but I can definitely use this on my boyfriend. After all, its just being good to the environment right?!?

The Hypocritical One said...

In fact, it would probably be best if they just went and sat quietly on their beds...That'll probably happen.

Anonymous said...

Growing another apendage would probably one of the most environmentally detrimental things you could do. ;) Lol.

Meg said...

When you have kids, using the electricity for the TV will actually save energy on the gas you spend buying stuff in town.

Tiburon said...

Best list ever. You crack me up!

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

I love it! I think a similar list could be made for bosses and employees! ;)

Donna Barber said...

You go girl! Funny too too funny!
I tell my kids I am not going to feed them cause if I do; they will grow which means more clothes that I dont want to have to buy which takes...
Yep you guessed it... Gas!!! :0)