Sobering Up

I will admit that when I wrote this blog 4 years ago, I thought I was pretty funny and a good writer.  I don't think either anymore.  Life has a way of sobering us up at times, and it has been pretty sobering for me these last 4 years.  The difficulties were beginning when I wrote the blog before, which is why I started writing it, but I still had some of my childhood in me.  I think that is all gone now. 
This isn't a pity party - everyone has their troubles, some much greater than my own.  I am thankful for my set of challenges because they aren't what others have, because they are mine, and they are interlaced with all of my blessings too.  But I do miss laughing like I used to, with my gut, and tears running down my face.  If I could have two things back, it might be laughter and eyesight.

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