Attention Pioneers

I saw an ad in today's paper of someone I am presuming is trying to sell everything to come with me, and it hit me how much we have to be willing to give up, to sell EVERYTHING, leave it all behind except for a few precious belongings. I think when you read this, it will pull your heart strings too:

Also, lady pioneers! A reader has graciously shared the following information that I think you'll find extremely helpful. If you're planning on going with me, can I recommend the pStyle? The pStyle is a plastic device that allows females to pee standing up without undressing. I would copy and paste the whole description here, but it uses body part language that I'm uncomfortable with. I can say that according to the website, once you become used to the convenience of the pStyle you may find that you always want to have it with you like a cell phone or a wallet. Hmmmm

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Linda said...

I can't believe you found my for sale items in the paper. But I think it might not be completely clear. I just fed my fish and my bird so they are full but my race car is out of gas and of course I drank all the Jim Beam. I am so excited to hear about New America. The other night Rob and I were sitting around drinking the last of our Jim Beam saying, "you know I wish we knew some people that would be willing to start a New America with us" and Rob said "I think it should be in Russia" but I thought that was absurd and yet look at this. Leave it to you Steph to do all the leg work and get the stats for us. So what I'm saying is that if gas prices don't go down soon and we can't get better health care and we can get the race car sold Count us in :)