We're Home!

The kids and I have returned from our 4 month stint in Michigan, to our wonderful home on Moose Lake in Minnesota. It is so good to be home. Mike will drive home after work on Friday. He has been working temporarily as a Deputy District Ranger for the U.S. Forest Service in St. Ignace, Michigan. We rented a house there which overlooked Lake Huron. Except that when I left on Monday, it didn't look quite like this...but a little whiter, and the lake was more frozen and white. In fact, there was no color anywhere. Mike is looking forward to coming home and be back to work on the Deer River Ranger District where he has been for 8.5 years now.

I have been very lax with homeschooling this week, as in have hardly done anything at all, as in one math assignment. I'm calling it Spring Break! Are you curious as to what our Spring Break temperature is today? 2. Yes, 2. (We are only a couple hours south of Canada.)

I have been reading the best blog written by a friend from grade school. She is hip! You can read her blog here, and this post was especially funny!


Mindi said...

holy 2 degrees--i don't think i have ever been in weather that cold. the coldest i can recall was once up in park city in december and it was 18 and i thought i was gonna die.

julie said...

i am so glad you started a blog. i often wonder how things are going for you and dianna. no, i am not home yet. it will be a long stay for me but hopefully will end up with teddy coming home.