Stephanie Answers Your Questions

Why does your blog seem so superficial?

Ouch! You mean eyebrows and Paris Hilton are superficial?

Are you this shallow in person?

Wow - you guys aim below the belt here, don't you? I really don't think I am any more or less shallow than the next person. I enjoy entertainment, fun, and good humor - if that is what you mean by shallow-ness. In spite of that, I do have firm convictions in the areas of faith, family, and politics. I just think there are better (and more entertaining) ways to express myself without being preachy. I am always happy to discuss deeper topics through private email or conversations.

Do you mean to say that life isn't all fun and games? And if so, why doesn't your blog reflect that?

No, you misunderstand me. What I mean to say is that life IS fun and games, and yes, my blog does reflect that. Seriously, though, I think life has its trials and challenges, certainly. But I choose to reflect on or make fun of lighter things as a personal escape from my own trials and challenges, which occur daily, if not hourly. I am not speaking of obvious trials like death or sickness, but the things every parent struggles with - Am I spending enough time reading/playing with the kids? Am I teaching them all they need to know? Are they getting enough lessons/activities? Why are they fighting/making poor choices? What can I make for dinner? Why do I have to drive 30 minutes into town, AGAIN? Why is adoption/home schooling/finding my wallet so hard? etc. By reflecting on lighter aspects of life, I am entertaining myself and hopefully my readers.


Becky said...

I was laughing when I read this post, because I have been worrying about my blog being too superficial lately. : ) Yours is so much fun....don't change!

: ) Becky

SiouxsieQ said...

Superficial? Wow, that's some deep thinking. Hey, didn't someone have a birthday . . .

Linda said...

OHHHH STEPH, Don't change a thing. I love your posts. It gives me a break from my normal life. I love your freakish mind. :)

Mindi said...

i am all about superficial-- embrace it and get on board!