Attention Cadets

If you're in the mood for some good political satire, may I recommend the "Army of Epiphenomenon" written by my brother? He is very clever and comes up with funny stuff, like this article, which was one of my favs. He uses more colorful language than me, but I think its because he takes after my mom so much, and I seem to favor our father. He also makes up clever "sponsors" like this one to the left, and a whole line of AoE sportswear and ashtrays. I am proud to say he's my brother! We leave in a week to go see this man graduate from LAW SCHOOL. He will not only graduate with a law degree, but with a Masters in Government too. YOU ROCK THAD!!!!


About the AoE said...

thanks steph - I love you too and we are VERY excited to see you!!!!!

SiouxsieQ said...

no way -- young thaddeus is graduating from law school? how time does fly! hoping his law school is in ohio?