Day 2 of Spring Blizzard

We have 26 inches of snow now, and it finally stopped. Our road isn't plowed yet, but we've had a LOT of fun outside today!

Our Lady of the Snow Madame Maxime is really quite tall (9 feet) - we think she might be part giant, but she won't admit it: Then we thought we'd build a fancy rich-looking driveway entrance:

This is what our van looks like this morning even after shoveling if off once yesterday:


Mindi said...

come on out here to st.george--we ate on the back patio last night and it was about 75......just rubbing it in! you get to do that to me in august!

Anonymous said...

And I thought we had it bad in Indiana this winter. That is a "Snowbound" adventure. I love, love the pictures. Such cute subjects!

Got Boys? said...

I knew there was a reason I left Minnesota! I love the snow but once we hit March...I am DONE!