Royal Family for Dummies

Yesterday, as I was doing some research for my next book idea "The Royal Families for Dummies", I came across this article and it reminded me so much of when Mike and I were dating and he would fly those expensive helicopters to my house. But anyhow, I am thinking that since I am most likely an insider to the royal family, that this book idea would not only benefit myself and my children as sort of a family tree project, but wouldn't it help every other person in the world to understand how the royal family is intertwined and connected? FOR INSTANCE! Did you know that at the start of the 1900's, 3 cousins, all grandsons of Great Britain's Queen Victoria, ruled three of Europe's largest nations? Wilhelm II was kaiser of Germany, Nicholas II was czar of Russia, and George V was king of Great Britain. During World War I, these relatives were declaring war against each other! There, now don't you feel warm inside that you know just a little bit more about the royal family?

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