The Unfortunate Incident

Dear Mrs. M,

Regarding the incident on Northwest Airlines on the day of April 11, 2008:

We don't know how security was breached that you were able to procure the date, flight number, and destination of Senator Coleman on April 11, flight number 1234. Regardless, it was very inappropriate to use that information in order purchase a ticket in an adjacent seat to privately lobby Mr. Coleman for the 2 hours, and 22 minutes from Minneapolis to BWI Airport. While he understands that each of those he represents in Minnesota have unique issues close to their heart, he feels that your "proposal" of starting a colony in Russia is blatantly beyond realistic or possible. In addition, Mr. Coleman did not appreciate your loud and dramatic emotional display when his answers weren't what you thought they should be. Because the plane had to land until you were calmed down, Mr. Coleman missed an extremely important meeting with President Bush, and the Committee for Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs .

In the future, please do not contact Senator Coleman, his office, any person directly employed by Senator Coleman, or anyone related to Senator Coleman to discuss, inquire, or even indirectly imply about anything related to starting a new "colony" in another country in order to drive around in some "overly-priced pop can" (Mr. Coleman's words).

In the meantime, we hope you will visit our website at http://coleman.senate.gov, to monitor the work we are doing in the Senate.

Norm Coleman's Office
United States Senate


Mindi said...

rude. i sense a college call girl scandal in his future......

Jocelyn said...

seriously...seriously, I can't tell when you are serious or joking...I love it! I could see you doing this...and that is why I love you!