What I Miss Most About Idol

All in all, my time on Idol was AMAZING! I don't want y'all to think I am complaining. I totally dig that I was up on stage just being ME! My own Harley drivin', smokin', wild, hoarse voice, tight pants self. I don't know how I did it, growing my hair out real long one week, and then having it back to its own short self the next, but I did! That's what I miss most is my hair growin' shorter, then longer, then shorter, then longer. But man - its so dang good to be back in Indiana now - I love this place! Them people out in California, they just don't dig me the way folks here do. I'm at home here, ya know. You take care, y'all. I love you, man.


SiouxsieQ said...

Oh, Babe, I hope you don't mind but me and my kids called you Skunk Hair. You are one of a kind but we're really doing fine withoutcha. Lovin' the Davids, Michael, and Carly. Have a good one! Vroom! Vroom!

Kim said...

your hair looks great! keep on rocking the heartland!

tfed said...

do you need to inject hormones to get your hair to grow that quickly?