All Fun and Games

Here are a couple of short-n-sweet Internet games that have passed my rigorous and careful screening:

This one from Mindi: The River IQ test showed me how not very smart I really am, but I am sure you will pass with flying colors. Rumor has it that in Japan, companies give this to prospective employees to see if they'll be hired, but I don't believe it. It would just show me that this person has interviewed for another job before and had a chance to figure this out (or, as in my case, 10 other jobs).

Free Rice was recommended by two different friends, Donna and Tom, who don't have blogs that you can access, but still, a very fun game. It says that by playing it, you will be donating grains of rice to the UN food program. I'd like to see them provide Diet Coke to comparatively wealthy Americans, but whatever.

Help end world hunger


Donna Barber said...

I am so bummed! I wanted to get cokes for the olsen twins. The game wouldnt play.

I have played the rice game before and I admit I used a dictionary to further my advances. :0)

Got Boys? said...

I love the Free Rice! Thanks!

Brandi said...

Ok, How the heck have I not saved your blog in my fave's yet? I'm an idiot! And to think for so long I MOANED that you had a website I couldn't comment on!

Well, I'm here now. . SUPER CUTE, Megan!


Stephanie M said...

Brandi, my name is Stephanie, but I will change my name to Megan if it means you'll keep reading my blog and leaving comments.

Thanks! The new Megan.