It REALLY is a small world, after all!

While in Washington D.C., we had a great time walking around with the kids. We visited the zoo where Maggie tried to speak Parseltongue to the Anaconda:

We were having a fantastic time, when suddenly Maggie and Dianna said "Mom, Dad, is that who I think it is??"And sure enough! It was the 3 Amigos! Unbelievable! How did they get from MN to D.C.?????

We said good-bye to the 3 boys, hoping they would be okay, and went on to visit the Museum of Natural History to see the Dinosaur exhibit, the exhibit on Africa and.... the Hope Diamond. Who did we run into again, but the 3 Amigos. We think they were trying to take something that didn't belong to them.... it looked very suspicious...
It was a beautiful day, so we took a short walk around the Tidal Basin so we could see one of my favorite monuments - the Jefferson Memorial. At this point, I thought perhaps the boys were following us, and just really needed a mom and dad. So we asked if they would like to hang with us the rest of the day.
We stopped for lunch, and thought everything was going well. Then we looked up and saw this. The boys had taken off down the Mall with our stroller. I guess they didn't want a mom and dad after all, but something to sleep in?
We also made some new friends from China. These folks were very anxious to get their picture taken with our kids since they had never seen so many from one family. Mike was able to use the one Chinese phrase that he knows for "Hello, How are you?", (he has a special gift for foreign languages - he also knows one phrase in Russian, one in French, and the spanish word for library). We are seriously considering taking our 'show' on the road in China - we are thinking if these 4 people were so enthusiastic about getting their picture taken with our kids, what kind of coinage could we potentially earn in a country of 1,321,851,888 people with a similar enthusiasm for large families??
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1 comment:

Mindi said...

yay!!!! pictures of your kids that don't invovle snow!!!!

way jealous that you have access to all those way cool sites--
we're still kickin' it old school with the d.u.p. museum.....

love the "freak show" sign--might have to steal it sometime!