Karaoke in the North

Last night, Mike and I were at a restaurant near our house. There we had the unfortunate luck to witness a table full of women in their late 50's singing into their microphones (formerly known as beer bottles). It was karaoke night, after all, but it just ain't cool (when you're sober). Soooo, I've come up with a new little rule of thumb for myself that I hope I can adhere to: If things I previously ate with, drank out of, wrote with, or brushed my teeth with, become something I sing into, smoke, strum, or use for a power point presentation, STOP. Go home, sober up, and bake some cookies with my grandkids. And if I ever get the courage to sing karaoke, you can say to me "pot, kettle, black". I'll deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Steph, don't be so hard on these almost sixty women. They're still hot-it only comes in flashes now. Or maybe lapses of good judgment. They were probably having fun too! Glad you got out with the man though. You two are a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Your recipes make me scratch my head .. . You are one brave woman, that I admire.

Kelley said...

You're just jealous, admit it. I was having a great time. Now I feel stupid, thanks a lot! :(