Diagnosis: Russophilia

I am very pleased with myself today as I am on page 82 of the first real book I've read in years. I think the last real book was Bridget Jones Diary in 2001. By 'real', I mean that it isn't found in the young adults section of the bookstore (Harry Potter), the magazine section (People), or the trashy paperback section (Nora Roberts).

The story is about the Romanov's last days imprisoned in Siberia, their possible escape, and the final resting place of the $500 million in jewels hidden in their clothing. It's based on "decades of painstaking research" and the author's access to previously sealed Russian archives. (I wonder if I might even be able to consider this "non-fiction", which would be a first for me of that genre!!!) The book summary calls people like me Russophiles, which sounds bad, and there's treatment, but no known cure. After this, I am planning to embrace my Russophilia, and read more real books about Ivan, Peter, and Catherine, since this one is going so well.

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