In Other News...

I was looking through my husband's planner the other day and came across his page of user names and passwords. This one abruptly caught my eye:

user name: mike
password: kissmyass1

I was kind of shocked. It isn't like Mike to choose a crass password like that - he's typically more into game fish. I asked him why, and here's what he said:

"I typed in my usual password, and hit return - it wouldn't accept it. So I typed in my usual password, plus one number, and hit return - the computer rejected my password again. So then I tried the password with 2 numbers, then a different password with one number, then two numbers, then password with 3 numbers, etc. The passwords were continually rejected, and at about the tenth try - I was frustrated and typed this baby in. It was accepted."

Ahhhhh. Makes perfect sense now, Mike. Sometimes those words/phrases are just needed to adequately and succinctly express the world around us, aren't they sweetie?


Mindi said...

i knew i liked him for a reason.

Jocelyn said...

You have a winner in that one, may we all be so blessed to have a Mike in our lives!

Love ya,