Non-verbal language OR Why I love motarized scooters

The kids and I were shopping in the pharmacy department looking for....stuff.... and I heard a beeping sound – like the beeping an RV makes when its backing up. I turned around, and there was an elderly man sitting in his shopping scooter BEEPING at me and the kids to get out of his way so he can pass by. It struck me as both rude and funny at the same time. I realize he needed to get through and the aisles at Walmart unfortunately weren't made for one adult, 5 kids, AND a motorized scooter. On the other hand, he didn't look me in the eye, or say excuse me; just pressed his little button to say “get the hell out of the way, folks”, without really having to say it. Clever.

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Tiburon said...

See, and when I was using the ol scooter I never gave anyone a rootie toot toot. You can still be motorized AND polite :)