Confused Kidman gives birth Monday to daughter named Sunday.

Yahoo: Early Monday morning, Nicole Kidman gave birth to a very pale, very thin daughter. Thinking Australia, homeland of both parents, was a day behind the United States, she was pleased to announce that she and husband, country music crooner, Keith Urban, had named their daughter Sunday. In all actuality, it was really Tuesday in Australia. Urban reportedly left the hospital angry and upset. "People will think we are from Samoa", he told reporters.

In other news, it has been announced that ABBA will NEVER perform together again. Spokesperson for the group stated ABBA would like people to remember them as they were: young, exuberant, full of energy and ambition, (as compared to the rest of us, who would like to be remembered as old, grouchy, and lazy).

The last group to say they would NEVER perform together, the Eagles, disbanded in 1980 'until hell freezes over'. That album came out in 1994, and their most recent album 'Long Road out of Eden' was just released last year." Says band member Glen Frey, "the best way to make sure you'll sing together again, or do anything else for that matter, is to say NEVER".


Steph said...

Ha! I hate the name Sunday, too.

I think they TRIED to have her on Sunday,but when she learned that would be her name, she held out. Finally, she was born on Monday, hoping for a more normal name like Isabella and Connor got. Noooooo....not so lucky. Her parents STILL named her Sunday, instead vowing she was CONCEIVED on Sunday.
Sunday is pissed off, but so were her friends Shiloh, Apple, Easton, Harlow, Kingston and Kadence, until they saw their nurseries. :-) And her sort-of relative Suri got a bad name, too, so maybe someday they cam commiserate to TMZ while shopping on Robertson.

Mindi said...

i think it's time abba reunited cuz it feels so good....

Tiburon said...

Why Sunday? Name the kid Friday or Saturday - those are the best days!

Becky said...

Ha ha ha!! You are so funny. What's with celebrities and the names they pick? Their poor kids!

: )