Guest Blogger: Dirty Shanks

Today's blogger, Dirty Shanks, understands our dilemma when looking for a greeting card: How do we find the perfect one that says EXACTLY what we'd like to say in a particularly sticky situation? Without all the sugary, insincere fluff. She has found the solution AND you can buy them here! I think you'll find her cards refreshingly honest:



Alice said...

Nice - I could use a few of those to distribute.


I used to make mean spirited postcards all the time and mail them out....anonymously.

These are a little bit prettier than my creations though. i was tapping that "true grit" feel with mine.

Mindi said...

are you freakin' kidding me? those were awesome!!!! i heart them cuz my sister is a stamper and she would die over these.

am stealing and giving you props--oh blogging master.
i bow before you.

Vanessa said...

I love these! I'm suggesting them for our next card group. I saw your link on Mindi's blog:)

Donna Barber said...

I love these cards!!! Their Awesome.