Shoplifting: Stealing for the Future

So.... you're a business owner, and you want to encourage the little felons of today's youth to shoplift. You feel that it adds a certain thrill to your day to see what's gone missing. Well, I have some tips for you. These tips, unfortunately, were secured first hand by 2 little angels whom I know quite well.

10 do's and don'ts for reinforcing good shop-lifting behavior:

DO squat down so you're at their eye level.
DON'T be intimidating or fearful.

DO tell them "It's okay."
DON'T tell them you are considering sending them to jail, even though MN law states that the maximum penalty for shoplifting up to $250 worth of merchandise is 90 days AND a $1000 fine.

DO tell them if they want candy next time, to just ask Mom or Dad and they'll buy it for you.
DON'T tell them that they can't always have what they want, when they want it.

DO give them a hug and dry their little shoplifting-remorseful tears.
DON'T act as though what they've done is "wrong" or "bad", or shame them in anyway. (You need to make SURE you don't damage their self-esteem).

DO wave good-bye and tell them to come back soon!
DON'T act as though everything they've stolen, and plan to steal, increases the price of merchandise for every other future patron of your store.


Steph said...

haha well, if there were tears then someone learned a lesson... hopefully?

Stephanie M said...

those cupcakes sure look yummy!