8 Reasons Xanax May Be Better Than Tic Tacs

1. I woke up to several mosquitoes buzzing in my ear

2. I went into the post office again today and confronted the postal worker about upselling ("I read an article about the USPS and I know that you have to upsell 5 times. I'm on to you people.") And she STILL asked me if I needed any stamps, cards, or stamp collector's items!

3. Just before that conversation, I stood in line 7 minutes while the postal worker explained to a customer that there are TWO priority mail boxes, one is a flat rate box, and the other is charged according to weight, and that if she wanted to pay $5.65 instead of $9.80, she would have to take her stuff out of the flat rate box and put it into the other box. I know....I didn't understand why this information took 7 minutes to explain and understand either. Which is why its on my list.

4. Driving home, I got stuck behind a slow car.

5. When I got home, something was wrong with either the DSL or my computer, and it was very slow, reminding me of dial-up.

6. The kids started fighting.

7. I talked with someone on the phone who was unhelpful, particular, and unwilling to compromise. (???)

8. The dryer repairman came out for the 3rd time this year (thankfully under warranty) to show me a 2-inch screw as being the reason for the loud noise in the drum. Same problem as the last 2 times, except that previously its been a nail, and before that, a small stick.


Kathy at the Junk Drawer said...

I would love to know when the post office got the memo telling the clerks to upsell everyone. I wanted to send a 10oz package from the east coast to the west, and the first pricing option I was asked if I wanted was something like $25. I looked at her with a "what do you think?" face until she tried two other options, slightly less expensive until I waited long enough for her to give me the regular price of like a buck fifty, which is where she should have started out.

Thank you for letting me vent. Pass the Xanax.

Anonymous said...

I dislike going to the post office. The employees never seem like they want to help you, and they you are burdening them to mail your letter.

Shawn said...

My DSL consistently reminds me of dial up. The post office is always a nightmare, but what are ya gonna do.

the Mayor said...

Loved your reasoning for the need for Xanax, or it's little sister Ativan. What's scary is our future health care system could end up looking a lot like the postal service if the current national health care plan goes through. And forget getting in to see your doctor for trivial things like a Xanax prescription.