Colin Firth

Colin, Colin, Colin. I have been a huge fan since first seeing you in the BBC's Pride and Prejudice masterpiece (5 whole entire hours of wonderfulness). Bridget Jones Diary 1 & 2 was very nice too. But I've read something today that may have brought you down a notch in my fan club.

I found out today that in my favorite scene ever, where you walk out of the lake next to your little cottage and see Ms. Elizabeth Bennett, you had a stuntman go into the lake in your place. Apparently you didn't want to be exposed to Weil's disease. I find it vexing really that it is all very well to have the stuntman exposed to this organism, which is found in rat urine, and causes extreme illness, and even death in 10% of human cases, but not yourself.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that now my favorite actor is the brave stuntman who came out of the lake in the white shirt in the BBC series "Pride & Predjudice" Will that man please step forward, if still alive, to accept this prestigious award?


the Mayor said...

Oh pooh, I love Mr Darcy and now his image is tarnished. It's vexing (Mrs.Bennett's line)to think we've memorized so much of Pride and Prejudice.

Stephanie M said...

It is vexing! And you can imagine my poor nerves when I found this information out!

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Sorry, nothing, not a disease nor a wimpy fear of a disease can come between me and Colin.

Anonymous said...

Well, bit fat harry deal! I don't like to dive into a slimy pond either, but I do it any how!
What if Colin were to hit his head on a piece of a log and drown? This is what stunt men are hired to do, it's our job! It's bloggers like you who give wonderful actors a bad reputation! I need the money, woman, this is how I make my living!
Long live Colin Firth!!!

A pond scum sucking stunt double