The Myth of Mother's Day

For some of you, Mother's Day may actually exist. But I personally wonder how it would be to have a special day where everyone treated you like a queen? It must be nice. For me, "Mother's Day" was the same, usual routine:

  • Wake up at 8:30
  • Out of bed by 9:15
  • Stumble out to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee that Mike has made, with creamer, just the way I like it.
  • Mike gets the kids dressed, fed, bathed, and out to the car.
  • They wait for me as I shower, dress, eat breakfast, find my purse, put more coffee in a travel mug, grab my make-up bag and bottled water, and finally get out to the car.
  • After church, Mike and the kids grocery shop while I walk around the store at my leisure, trying to think of things I may want to buy.
  • When we arrive home, Mike cuts up all the vegetables and meat that he bought at the store. Then he lines the kids up in an assembly line to make chicken, steak and shrimp chishkabobs, which he grills outside.
  • After lunch, Mike and the kids dynamize the house until its sparkling clean.
  • Later that evening, he takes the kids outside to finish putting our dock out so I can have quiet computer time.
A day just like any other day.


Shawn said...

Yeah. Right.


Lidian said...

I like the thought of that assembly line! Maybe I can get one going around here. Yeah. And maybe the cats would like to join in on that.

Actually that would be a good Mother's Day for me - make like one of our cats. They take a lot of naps, eat snacks and generally enjoy a life of leisure.

the Mayor said...

My mothers day was more like the poppycock version but I've lowered my expectations over the years.