10 Great Gift Ideas for the Birthday Boy!

We have a birthday coming up at our house for an 8 year old boy, so I was doing some toy shopping at Amazon.com. I found some really great gift ideas - I linked the pictures to Amazon so you can go there quickly. The hardest part is not buying ALL of them! My very favorite was this N. California Narcotics Unit Lego Set, but here are 9 others worth mentioning:

A Real 6-foot whip!

Nothing makes a better gift than candy cigarettes

Webkinz Rottweiler (with trading cards)

The Ricky Bobby Malt Liquor Semi-Trailer Car Transport

and finally, Pulp Fiction Action Figures from the Drug Overdose Scene


FishHawk said...

I'm actually afraid to ask. For I don't think I am going to like the answer, but...ARE THESE FOR REAL???

Grégoire said...

You have no idea how badly i want that Pearl beer truck!

Pearl was the first beer i ever stole from my parents' refrigerator at age 13. Nearly every weekend trip to San Antonio included a tour of the brewery, where my parents would have a few on the house at the end... That made for some very exciting and memorable Sunday evening drives back to Houston on I-10, lemmetellya.

The first apartment I ever had at age 18 was only a few miles up Broadway from the Pearl Brewery. It was really sweet back in those old days, when my friends and I would walk down and have a few on the company at the end of the dollar tour. No ID was ever required; and as we stumbled out the gate past the penny arcade, into the vast dark expanse of Brackenridge Park, we often came close to mystical experiences before we vomited.

When I quit drinking alcohol at age 23 I had garnered an impressive collection of ashtrays, t-shirts and baseball caps bearing the Pearl logo. Over the years and one by one, these have all disappeared into the rag pile or garbage can.

About five years ago I called an old and dear friend, in the hopes that I might pass on my love for South Texas kitch to my own offspring. I remembered those delicious, cold beers stolen from my own father, and thought it might compensate for the hardship of growing up in a house as dry as a West Texas county full of Baptist preachers. Imagine my shock and horror to hear that Pearl had shut up shop and moved to St. Louis. The only alternative, I was told, was something from Lone Star.

Lone Star!?! That's what we exported to suckers out of state!

So you see, Ms. Stephie, you simply have to get me that die-cast beer wagon for my own 40th birthday, which will be coming 'round in February of 2010. Declare your ransom, and I'll trade what price you might demand...

Stephanie M said...

Greg - here's your link to the Pearl truck on Amazon.com:


FishHawk, they are all real except for the lego set and the driver's mini bottle :)

grouse.and.badger said...

You can't buy the candy cigarettes without the shock lighter! These gifts and a couple of one liners and your son can become the next man at the grocery store telling bad jokes without a breath mint :)


Gifts are source of happiness to both - provider and recipient. Thanks for ideasYours is a wonderful blog! Nice Post!