Celebrity Equal Quiz and Beef with Bangalore

"You're an old lady and should probably go out and have some fun every once in a while."

Today I took the What's Your Celebrity Equal Quiz on Facebook, and was hit with these results. I think Betty White is a sweetheart, she's just a different GENRE, than I consider myself. Facebook then called me an old lady! I have canceled my membership, and started a page on My Space. My Space doesn't have these ridiculous quizzes and insults - just nakie pictures (I hear).

Which brings me to my next beef: Dell Customer Service Centers located in India. I have just gotten off the phone with Baldev Bharat in Bangalore ordering another AC adapter for my computer. In an English dialect I could not understand, I was asked many many non-relevant questions like what I use my computer for, how long I keep it plugged in each day, and if Mike wears briefs or boxers. Only $78 for an AC adapter. I asked Baldev why it costs so much, but he didn't know.

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Mindi said...

I SWEAR!! i have spoken with baldev many a time, too--it is the worst!! too funny