I Love You Larry Tesler

Dear Mr. Tesler, My Hero,

I just want to thank you so much for inventing Cut and Paste. I think it is one of the greatest inventions of all time. It makes my life infinitely easier and I use it hundreds of times each day. I love copying pictures off the internet and pasting them into my blog - which would look so dull without those pictures. I think we should have a Cut and Paste holiday to honor you. I have also attached my resume if you need someone to kiss your posterior with more verbal flattery on a daily basis.


Stephanie M, DCT, CPM5

Today I emailed this letter to Larry (tesler@stagecast.com). I was almost in tears as I typed because of my overwhelming gratitude. You'll notice my acronyms behind my name - everyone else has them, I can too. Mine stand for Driver, Cleaner, Teacher, Cook, an initial for other 'miscellaneous work' I do for Mike, Mother of 5. I just split them in half because it looks way more official and important that way. Here is a little bio of Larry:

Copy and paste in a modeless editor was invented by Larry Tesler at XEROX Parc for the Smalltalk-76 programming environment, in 1973-76. Larry Tesler, Chairman of the Board of Stagecast.com, has over 20 years of management experience and another 20 years of technical experience in the computer industry. He is currently Vice President of User Experience & Design for Yahoo! Inc and a Yahoo! Research Labs Fellow. Previously, he served as Vice President of Engineering, Amazon.com. Prior to joining Amazon, he served as President and CEO of Stagecast. Previously, he was Vice President and Chief Scientist of Apple Computer, Inc., where he managed the AppleNet product division and various advanced development groups. He was the founding Vice President of Apple's Advanced Technology Group (ATG). There, Tesler nurtured innovative technologies such as MacApp, HyperCard, QuickTime, and AppleScript as well as education research projects like the Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow (ACOT). He holds a B.S. degree from Stanford University.


Kelley said...

Boy, you've been a busy girl! I don't look at the blog for a couple of days and it's loaded with goodies.
Where do you find this stuff? Oh yes, in the strangely warped mind of yours!!


Mindi said...

i just clicked on "find your blog's reading level", and it was ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!! but why am i not surprised....so you are slumming when you come over from the genius level!! sorry.....;)

Stephanie M said...

Please don't feel bad. If its any consolation, when I clicked on YOUR application of how many 5 year olds I could take out, my number was like 13 - not even in the same ballpark as you!

Actually - I think it depends on which day you go to that application because the day I put it on my blog, every blog I typed into it came out Genius. You just hit it on a bad day.