Fellow bloggers - Tell me (in your blog) about some of your favorites: the best purchase you ever made, your favorite low calorie (but extra filling) snack, the best vacation, the funnest thing you've ever done with your kids, you name it. Then let me know by leaving your link below so I can take a look! Here's one of my favs:

My Danskos. They are the best shoe purchase I have ever made. Last summer I cleared out all my shoes. (I kept my running shoes and my favorite sandals).

I sold some on ebay, some in a garage sale, and took the rest to Salvation Army. Then I used the money I had made, plus a little more, and bought these. They are very very comfortable, and always look good with anything (they are brown leather and black soles, so I can wear them with brown AND black). I have not once regretted buying them and forsaking all others.

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Anonymous said...

Steph, I love Dansko's seriously the best shoes eva'
Nice blog girl!