My BFF Mary, due to personal circumstances of having a child with an Immune Dysregulation Syndrome, has become more sympathetic to people and children needing bone marrow transplants (BMT's)(not to be confused with BM's). An estimated 55 - 60% of the children and adults needing a stem cell transplant do not have a suitable bone marrow donor in their family and must seek an unrelated bone marrow donor. She recently found out that people can call a toll-free number (877.527.4452) for a test kit and consent letter. In the kit is a cheek swab, which potential donors rub on the inside of their mouth. They mail the swab back in a postage-paid envelope. The DNA in the swab provides health professionals with the specific "markers" that are used in matching donors. This is the first step. The information is stored in a database until a person is 61. Doctors search the database every day for matches to their patients. If a person in the database matches a patient, the potential donor comes in for a blood draw. If the match is confirmed, doctors will extract marrow through the hip in an overnight procedure, requiring anesthesia.

The two of us were basking in our shallow-ility today and came up with a list to encourage our peeps to get the kit, and register to be a bone marrow donor. So here it is, the top ten reasons to donate bone marrow:
  1. The wonderful, peaceful sleep that only anesthesia can produce, and which no child can wake you up from. Which brings us to number 2.
  2. Someone else is watching your kids.
  3. Having a nice-looking doctor and/or anesthesiologist. (I told you we are shallow).
  4. The pain meds that you will undoubtedly be prescribed after the procedure.
  5. People bringing meals, both in the hospital and when you get home. To help with recovery. Because its very painful, you know, and then to have to worry about meals for your family on top of it all....
  6. Sometimes surgeries can produce a small weight loss. ALWAYS a benefit!
  7. Everyone thinks you're a saint.
  8. Guilt-free time on the computer while you're "laying low".
  9. The possibility of getting a little tummy-tuck as long as you're being put out anyway.
  10. Saving someone's life.

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Mindi said...

alright, BESIDES the saving a life deal, i am in for the weight loss. will be checking it out. thanks!