My Life as a Bag of Vice

If I'm honest with myself, my vices are numerous. There are only 2 that I allow myself on a regular basis, the biggies: chocolate and Diet Coke. People magazine is another vice of mine, but luckily has no calories. The others, that I try to avoid, but would have a difficult time refusing if freely offered: any salty snack, any fast food, any ice-cream with a mix-in, and any cream-filled donut. The best fast food ever created is a filet-o-fish from McDonalds. Lent was awesome this year because they came out with a DOUBLE filet-o-fish, which for me was one sub-culture's sacrifice becoming another woman's gain. Its just unfortunate one of my vices isn't exercise.

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Mindi said...

okay, i am seriously on board with EVERY SINGLE ONE those except for the frackin' filet o fish!! one word: NAS-TEEEEEEEE!!!!!

you crazy chick