A Great Career

In this article on Yahoo, I found out that I am positioning myself for the 4th greatest career no one has ever heard of AND have the potential to make MILLIONS!:

Just 10 years ago, blogging would have sounded to most like a verb relegated to video games. But now, freelance writers, marketers, Web designers, finance professionals--even tea-drinkers--can draw people from around the world to read what they're thinking. Businesses are catching on, which is why they'll often hire people to blog about their products, and some bloggers can actually sell ads on their personal blogs. Are your personal thoughts worth paying for? They are, especially if you have education and a unique voice. (I DO!!!) Top bloggers can make six figures, and a handful are said to make millions. (OMG!)

The only problem I can possibly foresee is that the picture that went along with the article (shown here) portrays a woman who appears to be showered, dressed, and ready for the day. Can I still make millions in my pj's lying in bed?

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Mindi said...

that woman is the EXCEPTION, not the RULE!!! here it is 11:10 am and i am in my jammies....no need to shower until at least 3....