No Church Today

Today we received the dreaded phone call saying "No Church Today". It means we have to sit around spending time together playing games or playing outside in the fresh blanket of 9 inches of wet heavy snow that we received last night.It seems like just yesterday we were sitting around a campfire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, with no snow. Oh - that WAS yesterday:
And Mom, we hope you're having a wonderful time in Cancun!!


Jocelyn said...

girl it is so hard to read your blog because of the print color, darken it up! I'm missing my favorite blog!


Dollymama said...

I like the new look. And, we had no church today. Not because of the weather, though. Just because we decided to stay home.

SiouxsieQ said...

WE also had no church today. Unless you consider attending Bedside Baptist church.

Anonymous said...

Your new look is nice! That snow looks depressing! Wish I could have been there for that original dessert. maybe you're on to something, girl.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie! Your bonfire escapade is hilarious, cos we also had a bonfire last night! We spent the day raking the yard and gathering fallen limbs, and decided to "bon" for supper.

While wearing a sweatshirt and eating a hotdog, I mentioned to my dear hubby, "We're supposed to get at least 12 inches of snow in the next 24 hours."

He says, "Impossible. It's 49 degrees out here, and if we do get a little snow, it will melt immediately, cos the ground is so warm."

When my dear hubby awoke and looked outside, he hurried us to church, knowing Sunday Mass is NEVER cancelled, so we could help shovel the sidewalks.

Of course it was very exciting getting there, since we were the first people out driving at 8:00 a.m.!

Hugs to you,
Marie G.