2 Feet and Counting

WOWEE! We have gotten nearly as much snow in the last 24 hours as we did all winter! We are measuring 24 inches, and its still coming down. Everything is shut down - Mike's work, schools, etc. Our child, who is also our parent, reminded us that the electricity could go out, so we filled jugs of water, took showers, did laundry and dishes, etc. so that we would be prepared. We have a well, so there's no water if there's no electricity. Luckily, we have a wood burning stove so we can heat our house. The worst is....no wireless internet if the electricity goes out. Our road isn't even plowed, so there's no going anywhere even if we wanted to!

Here are some pictures:

Jenny: I made this one b&w just for you!


~Kim said...

Are you really getting this much snow!!! Crazy!!!

Stephanie M said...

Yes, its hard to believe, a post that was completely factual, without sarcasm or satire.

Linda said...

I would laugh at your situation and comment that I was just looking out the window and enjoying the fact that I can no longer see any traces of snow. But - I have to stop myself because although we aren't quite as far north as you are we are right next door. I have to realize that we are not totally out of the woods yet. Anyway - have fun!!