Rare Interview with Michael Johns

This morning, after receiving the surprise of his (and my) life, and being voted off Idol, I was able to procure a rare phone interview with ex-idoler Michael Johns. You'll only find this HERE:

Me: Michael, I am shocked! You were one of my favs, and I cannot imagine how this happened. Especially with your song choice - one of my favorite songs ever, and definitely Aerosmith's best. How are you doing?

MJ: You know, its just another Day in the Life for me.

Me: Can you expound?

MJ: I mean when they said "Go Your Own Way", I just thought to myself, "Dude, It's All Wrong, But Its All Right", you know?

Me: No, I don't really know. I've wanted to, but have never actually been an Idol contestant.

MJ: Well, its like this. I came Across the Universe to get here, to get on Idol, but staying here in the states just doesn't Light My Fire. I'm ready to go back home, down under.

Me: Hmmmm. Those words sound so familiar. What does your wife say? Does she think there was some hokus pokus going on behind the scenes. It does seem kind of strange that you're the one voted off after singing such a great song, while Syesha remains after singing a song I've never heard of by someone named Fantasia.

MJ: My wife is very supportive. She just keeps reminding me that no matter what, "WE will Rock You, WE are the Champions". (he starts choking up just a bit here). She's just been great.

Me: Are there any parting words you'd like to tell everyone?

MJ: I just want to say to those of you have a goal, something you want to accomplish in life - work hard and Dream On. And also, Don't You (Forget About Me) - I'll be back!

Me: Thank you so much for the interview. Take care, and GOOD LUCK!


SiouxsieQ said...

Truly Rolling on the Floor Laughing. I don't know WHERE you get your inspiration!

Stephanie M said...

I think this time it came from Ohio ;)

patty said...

i teared up - i still can't believe he's gone; i mean, if we can lose m.j. then we can lose anybody. it really make you think about you own mortality when something like this happens - you know.