The Atonement

In my first-ever movie review, I will be reviewing not a fresh-in-the-theatres movie, because that would be rare for me to see, but the VIDEO The Atonement. Since I like my movies like I like my magazines and my children - happy, light hearted, and not taking a whole lot of thought - The Atonement was difficult to watch. But since I also like happy endings, I couldn't stop watching once I'd started, and since I can't ruin the movie for you, I can't tell you if it was happy or not. I will say that The Atonement isn't a good name for the movie because the atonement was that there was no atonement. The silver lining is that James McAvoy was very nice to watch through my tears.

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Jocelyn said...

This movie ticked me off big time, but like you said James Macvoy is yummy!