Becky's Ministry, Inc.

16 years ago this June, this woman standing with me (who isn't really Hillary Clinton, but my dear friend Becky) started up a Ministry to Other Young Women (MOYW).

It was kind of a shock when I found out I was actually a ministry to Becky instead of a friend, because she always seemed so sincere - like she really wanted to be friends. It was one of those ministries where you click instantly because you get each other's humor, and enjoy each other's company. I don't think she has ever once been paid to laugh at my silly immaturity - its all 'busy' volunteer work. She has so sweetly encouraged me as I pass through various life stages, disappointments, and trials, helping me see a bigger picture instead of just the little one I can see.

I don't know if I ever would have caught on that I was part of Becky's ministry, or that Becky even had a ministry, if someone hadn't asked about it. I think it was hard for that someone to understand how Becky could truly like me if it wasn't a ministry. I readily admit that I am no spiritual prowess, and could certainly use some ministering to.

Becky, I am hoping there is never a day you have to retire from MOYW and ditch me for medicaid. I can only aspire to return as much to our friendship as you give.


SiouxsieQ said...

Someday I hope to be as clever as you are. Your ability to humorously characterize things just AMAZES me.

Greg said...

I admit that I'm no capability, but what is a spiritual prowess? Is it like a princess, or an action hero with one of those cool utility belts and giant biceps, and shoulders with 360-degree mobility? Or maybe you meant to say that you're no female Japanese Shinto organic farmer, because "prowess" is how such a person might describe using a plow. Maybe. Just wondering. Or ministering to you. Or something like that, yeah, that's it.