Happy B-day Gabe


Happy Birthday! It seems like just yesterday you were born, right on your due date. Which is the only day in your whole life that you haven't been a little bit slow getting someplace on time (kind of like mom). You work really hard to keep up with the older boys and do a bang-up job of it! You are the most laid-back out of all the kids, and you will probably be our tallest, as you have almost caught up with Jon Jon in height. We consider you to be our great creature-catcher. You love to catch anything in the lake, including, but not limited to: frogs, leeches, crawdads, madtoms, minnows, and fish. Any nice day finds you out there with your net and minnow bucket!!

My favorite Gabe moment: One day you came out of the house (you must have been 3 or 4 yrs old) headed toward the lake. Under your baseball cap, you had tucked a dryer sheet to keep the "squitos" away. You looked too cute! We love you so much sweetie.


Tiburon said...

Happy Birthday Gabe!! What a cutie patootie!

Mindi said...

hb to gabe--adorable as usual.