Bottom-feeders: its whats for dinner

Today, the boys caught 8 crawdads in the minnow trap, so I finally conceded to cooking them up for dinner. This little itty bitty piece of meat is all that we could eat from each one, but the kids are already saving up their crawdads for our next bottom-feeder boil.

I think I see a "Scary Strange" recipe involving crawdads in the very near future!!


Mindi said...

eeeeeeewwwwwhhh yuck!! everytime we go up to veyo my kids beg me to let them keep the crawdads they catch--they creep me out because they do look like the bottom of the bottom feeders--but i have heard they are actually pretty tasty. is it so?

Stephanie M said...

Tastes like chicken! I didn't actually have any, but kids liked it. (I didn't want to risk getting sick...)