Worst Nightmare EVER

In a tragic turn of events, the Olsen twins unknowingly consumed more than their allotted 300 calories per day. The story came to light Thursday morning, May 22, when Mary Kate, (or was it Ashley?), put a run in her brand new xxs fish net stockings. "At first we thought it may have been a jagged nail, but then we remembered, we just had manicures, so we KNEW it couldn't be that. Then, we totally looked at all of our food journals, but every calorie we've eaten for the last 15 years was completely accounted for. Later, it just occurred to us - its GOT TO BE THE LATTES!!"

According to SCOOP, a former barista from the Olsen’s oft-frequented Starbucks in New York’s West Village allegedly used to swap out skim milk for the full-fat variety when the girls came by for their caffeine fix because he thought the Olsens were too thin.

Ridiculous? Yes, it is, but someone close to the Olsens (who requested anonymity) said that she sympathizes with the twins — to an extent. “It’s also my worst nightmare — that and getting a huge diet fountain soda that is mistakenly regular Coke — but I can def [initely] taste the difference, so it’s their own fault if they fell victim.”

(If only we could all have BFF's like the Olsen Twins!)

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Donna Barber said...

haha! you are a very funny journalist!The Enquirer or Wall Street should really hire you.