Happy Birthday Mike

Dear Mike,

The day you were born was the day that my luck turned North. I was only 1 year and 2 months old and didn't know you were out there, but God must have been smiling knowing we were on the planet together for the first time. He must have been smiling too, the first time we met. He knew, even though we didn't have a clue. I love you sweetheart. Please know I am waiting for you with a big chocolate cake and a birthday present, so hurry home from work today! (I am not inside the cake, sorry).

Love, Stephanie


Mindi said...

awwwwwwwh!! love it--HB MIKE!!!
i love a man who can pull off a crown.

Kelley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE, unfortunately, I'm not in the cake either.

Stephanie M said...

Mike says he can only hope to have better luck next year. I told him 38 might just be his lucky number.

jude urbanski said...

I love a man who is the best son, the best husband and the best father ever! Plus just the best person around. Happy Birthday, Baby!