Super Spiffy Toys

I have come across some super cool toys for little girls that I couldn't wait to share with you. The first: A pair of miniature wine bottles that fit perfectly into Barbie's well manicured hand for those difficult evenings after work, or when she's entertaining friends. The good thing about these bottles is that they never run out! But please, be a responsible doll owner and don't let Barbie operate her Corvette afterwards.

Next we have purse accessories for our little Princesses – 2 things we women just can't live without so why should we expect our daughters to? A small pink hand gun and a debit card. Notice her keys and cell phone are missing – just like mom's.

1 comment:

Mindi said...

i'm always bent that my religion prevents me from indulging in that bottle of wine with barbie after a hard day.....
love that the keys and cell phone are missing just like mine.