Survivor: South American Style

Yahoo - Amazon Indians from one of the world's last uncontacted tribes have been photographed from the air, with striking images released on Thursday showing them painted bright red and brandishing bows and arrows. The photographs of the tribe near the border between Brazil and Peru are rare evidence that such groups exist.

The most amazing part of the rare photograph was the sighting of Elvis. Mark Reteeks, the pilot of the aircraft from which the pictures were taken, stated "We looked down at these little people with their little tiny bows and arrows and their little huts. We thought they were so cute. And then we looked over and saw Elvis, with his guitar and little pretend microphone, SINGING to the tribe people. My first thought was '[OMG]! I've hit pay dirt!' I mean, think of all the money I'm going to make selling this picture to People magazine! My second thought was 'Those poor little people. I wonder if they have satellite internet down there?.' I just teared up, you know?"

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Mindi said...

you kick some major a, stephanie.

elvis?? who woulda thought???