The Blue Lagoon - Poultry Style

As you may remember, we had an odd mix of poultry at our house this spring/summer which has been whittled down over time to just one remaining chicken and duck. We have set the duck free on the lake, but are trying to let the chicken grow just a bit bigger before we make it into dinner. Until then, it sleeps in the garage, and we take it down to the lake on nice days so the poultry can have tender rendezvous at the lake shore, where his world meets hers. Today I caught the forbidden love on camera:

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Steph said...

Are you *really* going to make her dinner? We are starting to be "urban farmers" and are getting egg layers in the spring. I already know that after 2-3 years of daily interaction with my free range, organic fowl beasts, I will NOT be able to butcher them. (Like urban farmers who want to at least break even do...) So I told my long suffering husband that he has to *eventually* build a chicken retirement home. He sighed and said it's good we can't have a dairy cow in the city limits.

Stephanie #1