Grandma's Weekend

The older boys and I ran the 5k race Friday night

Mike ran Grandma's Marathon Saturday

World's best pit crew

Congratulations DAD!!! You are awesome!

I secretly think my marathon was a little harder than his - fighting traffic with 5 kids for 26.2 miles and making 6 stops along the way, walking to each stop with said kids. And no medal to show for it!


Mindi said...

i like that you are wearing the "wwhpd?" t shirt.

Got Boys? said...

Yeay Mike (and Stephanie, and boys)! Mike looks great...so relaxed and SMILING! Way to go. I hope I can come do it sometime with you all!

SiouxsieQ said...

I like the T too, but who is HP? Again, I must assert, You are SO clever.

SiouxsieQ said...

Oh duh. How about if I read a little farther before I show mah ignorance?