Money-making opportunity

If you're anything like me, you could always use more cold hard cash. So I have found an easy way to get some green- the Global Security Challenge! Put your thinking caps on and check this out:

Here's what you need to enter:

Enter software or hardware solutions that help (a) protect people, critical infrastructure, facilities and data/electronic systems against terrorist or other criminal attacks and natural disasters or (b) help governments, businesses and communities defend against, cope with or recover from such incidents.

Here's when you need to enter by:

July 31, 2008

Here's what I will win:
  • $500,000 cash-grant to be used to further develop your startup company. Grant is sponsored by TSWG of US Government
  • $10,000 cash-grant for the best Crowded-Places Idea, sponsored by Secure Futures Ltd.
  • $10,000 cash award for the best Security Idea, sponsored by Accenture
  • Mentorship by leading venture capitalists, such as Siemens Venture Capital
  • Unparalleled networking opportunity with government officials and industry leaders
Here's my entry (I think you can see why I feel so confident that I've got this little security contest all wrapped up):


The GSC Team said...

So tell me what's new about this technology, and what are you going to do with the $500,000 to further develop it?

Stephanie M said...

Its the IDEA that's new - I am quite certain you have never rec'd this entry before. And the first thing I would do to "develop it" with the 500k is buy an iPhone. And after that, a flat screen tv for my wall, then a wind surfer, a toyota prius, ahh the list goes on.

Dixie Larkin said...

genius, absolutely genius!

SiouxsieQ said...

Yep, you're a shoe-in. Are you going to see Mr. Smith's new movie, Hancock?

Mary said...

You win. Where do I send the check?