Reefer Referendum

In Yahoo news today, I received a bad blow. My dream of returning back to Amsterdam without being under the watchful eye of my mother-in-law to smoke pot legally, without those messy feelings of guilt and regret, has been dashed. On July 1, the Netherlands will be one of the last European countries to ban smoking in bars and restaurants in compliance with EU law. The Health Ministry says the ban will apply to cafes that sell marijuana, known as coffee shops.

When we were there last August, I talked my MIL to at least SIT in Popeye's coffee shop so I could see what it was like - getting lots of negative vibes when I only ordered a Diet Coke. (I may have tried to inconspicuously inhale some second-hand smoke, but there's no proof):
Here is the coolest MIL EVER - she is all about the experience and was completely willing to come into Popeye's with me - no kidding!

Which means if I do go back, I'll have to try to just enjoy Amsterdam for the scenery only (grrr):

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judeurbanski.com said...

I look like I inhaled!!! The experience was a memory to cherish-am glad you twisted my arm.