To Do:

Friday, June whatever:

Eat breakfast
Renew driver's license (find out if you need to find old one to renew)
Go for walk
Change name to ??? in order to sound more like princess.
Get milk, bread, oreos, cheetos, pepsi diet max, spinach at grocery store
Feed cat


Kelley said...

I know one thing you could cross off this list........feed cat.
If you don't feed them, they somehow disappear and then you have one less thing to do!

SiouxsieQ said...

I just love you. You make me laugh every day. Does "Clarissa" sound like a nice, royal name? Your grocery list sounds so healthy, what with the veggies and all. Mine didn't have any spinach on it today. Guess I'm not as good of a mom as you are? I only got apples, peaches, frozen corn and peas, grapes, organic lettuce. But, gosh, no spinach.

Tiburon said...

Just don't change your name to Tiburon. It is a pain in the butt and doesn't sound princessy at all.